Viral Pria Bertato Peta Indonesia Ikut Rusuh Demo George Floyd di AS

Viral Pria Bertato Peta Indonesia Ikut Rusuh Demo George Floyd di AS

Viral Pria Bertato Peta Indonesia Ikut Rusuh Demo George Floyd di AS.

Jakarta, PANRITA.News – Aksi unjuk rasa kini semakin meluas di Amerika Serikat (AS) akibat dari peristiwa pembunuhan George Floyd pada 25 Mei 2020 lalu.

Seorang polisi di Minnesota, Amerika Serikat diduga kuat menjadi penyebab tewasnya warga bernama George Floyd.

Warga berkulit hitam ini tewas setelah lehernya diinjak oleh polisi bernama Derek Chauvin tersebut.

Di tengah aksi demonstrasi tersebut, seorang pria dengan tato peta Indonesia yang ikut dalam demonstrasi mengecam kematian George Floyd di Philadelphia tertangkap kamera.

Potret perusuh itu pun kemudian viral di media sosial. Dari foto yang viral tersebut, seorang pria yang memakai oblong berwarna krem, celana pendek, serta bertopi putih terlihat hendak melemparkan sesuatu.

Ternyata belakangan diketahui pemuda itu lahir di Indonesia. Dia mengaku lahir di Pulau Jawa dan sudah dinaturalisasi menjadi warga AS.

Dalam laman Instagram miliknya, rainsfordthegreat, Rainey mengakui perbuatannya karena emosi dan marah atas tindakan brutal polisi.

Rainey meminta maaf kepada seluruh pihak yang telah terkena dampak negatif dari foto tersebut. Dirinya juga bersedia bertanggung jawab penuh atas tindakan yang diperbuat. 

“Karena salah satu tato saya menunjukkan pulau-pulau Indonesia (saya adalah warga negara AS yang dinaturalisasi, tetapi saya lahir di pulau Jawa), saya juga ingin meminta maaf kepada komunitas Indonesia di Philadelphia,” demikian kutipan dari tulisan Rainey.

Diketahui, kematian George Floyd mengundang reaksi warga Amerika Serikat, khususnya warga keturunan Afrika-Amerika. Aksi unjuk rasa terjadi di beberapa negara bagian di Amerika Serikat yang berujung pada kerusuhan serta penjarahan.

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You might recognize me from several photos making the rounds on social media in the last several hours. If you know me personally, you will know that that what is represented there is quite unlike me. I initially began my day by going out for a daily bike ride, and I went through Center City, ending up at the protests. This helps explain why I was not covering my identity in the photos. At first, I simply wanted to document on my Instagram story what I was seeing for those who were at home. But, as the evening went on, I began to feel a combined anger from the murder of George Floyd and a feeling of energy in the face of national police injustice from the rioting welling up inside of me. Even today, I still feel the passion of hurt brought about by the racial injustice that is frequently directed towards people of color, myself included. This emotion runs deep. However, I now regret that my justified anger and impulse to not stay silent too quickly turned into movements to destroy property. Demonstrating is not the same thing as destruction. Thus, I would now like to apologize to the BLM movement as well as to the protestors who are legitimately exhibiting their disagreement with the present injustices we all have witnessed. Since one of my tattoos shows the islands of Indonesia (I am a naturalized US citizen, but I was born on the island of Java), I would also like to apologize to the Indonesian community in Philadelphia. Finally, to clarify, I must make it clear that, though I foolishly posted selfies holding sneakers up to my ear on my Instagram story, I did not loot them nor did I take any home with me. The streets were littered with clothing and shoes and I thought it would emphasize the amount of looting that was happening if I posed with them in this way. I now regret posting those photos. Once again, I apologize to all the communities that I have negatively affected and embarrassed. I am willing to take full responsibility for my actions. I have learned a great deal from this incident.

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